Order forms and information

Should you need power supply, flooring or an optical scanner, our suppliers order forms are available to you. Go over the information carefully in order to avoid any hassles on the day you arrive to set up.

Compressed air

If your equipment operates with compressed air, we have a skilled supplier to help you set up a connection.

Setting up your booth

Wall curtains or panels, carpets, furniture… Our suppliers can get you everything you need to set up your space as you wish.


All companies at the Salon Industriel must provide proof of a $2,000,000 liability insurance to protect exhibitors and visitors.


It is possible to have a water or gas supply at the Salon. Please see our suppliers form for your needs.

Power sources

Whether it is for your basic needs or for a single connection, you’ll find everything you need on the form. Please contact us with any questions.


In order to facilitate movement, we have suggested places for you to stay and explained parking procedures on the exhibition site.

Fluids and lubricants

Certain machines require various fluids to operate properly. We can help you dispose of these liquids afterwards.

Information about the Salon

For your set up to go smoothly, we strongly suggest that you go over the general information regarding the Salon.

Information about the Salon

Keep track of transactions with an optical scanner. Receive contact information of all your customers at the Salon directly in your inbox. Do not miss a sale due to incomplete information.


Handling of items lighter than 5000 lbs is included. For all your other heavy equipment handling needs, please let us know as soon as possible by completing the order form.

Promotional material

Get noticed, spread the word, and invite people! Do not miss a single opportunity to let your clients and prospects know you’ll be at the year’s event. We have a wide selection of visual tools to help you.

Rules and instructions

By following the rules and instructions, you will avoid the hassles of not complying with the set up rules. If in doubt, contact us.


Should you require a wireless connection or wish to secure your transactions, please complete the telecommunication form.

Transport and customs

Our suppliers are able to assist you in transporting your material as well as delivering your merchandise from other countries.